Eurohouse team believes that the whole collaboration has to be an easy and rewarding experience. This is the reason why, we try to make a transparent, modern workflow, that is easy to follow and easy to understand. A customer friendly approach is in the heart of our work process and we try to keep up to the modern project management practices and create a rewarding and positive experience.

We start with site visit that informs our team of workers as they work with you to design the best home for your land.



The concept phase includes:

Premonitory Delivery




Code and Zoning


A team of specialists will provide you with detailed analyses of your site and the way you can apply your home plans. By making a site review, we will provide you with detailed feedback on your possible options for home delivery.

Your Eurohouse team will work with you to review your budget and finalize your layout to create conceptual plans. Based on these plans, we can provide a project estimate and timeline.

When it comes to regulations every country and home-grown administrations can be different. Your Eurohouse team will verify the viability of your project and make sure it’s designed and built by your local requirements.

The conceptual plans are the bottom line for project estimation and project time progress.

6 Weeks


Our computer application lets you visualize the site and your home as you imagine it.


You can change our standard options the way you like and consult with third party .

Base Options

Upgrade Option

Fast Track Design

6+ weeks

Premium Track Design

12+ weeks

First we submit your complete plans to state authorities.

Since all Eurohouse homes are inspected by the state in our  factory your home will have already passed inspection prior to arrival.


8 + Weeks

approval time

Next, plans will be submitted for local approval.

We have a team of project managers who have successfully handled local jurisdictions and additional requirements.

Authorization to Permit & Build Payment Complete

8 Weeks


Your home is built by group of qualified experts in less time, with less waste than traditional construction.

Factory Built

Our factory is unique for its quality controlled environment that allows for precision crafted manufacturing. Because the process is not held up by the elements, your home is built in less time, with less waste, than traditional site-built homes.

Site Prep

While your home is being built in the factory, our team works with your local contractors to ready the homesite. From excavation and grading to foundation work and septic, our land prep process can be twice as fast as a conventional build.

8 Weeks


Fold & Ship

Our unique folding process enables us to securely fit 20' wide Eurohouse modules onto standard 8.5' wide trucks for shipping anywhere across the country, including hard to reach sites in mountains or on islands.

Unfold & Finish

Your home is nearly complete when it arrives. Our unique unfolding process secures the home to the foundation so our site team can quickly finish all final details. Upon finish, you'll take a thorough walk through with your project manager who remains available to answer any questions as you settle into your new Eurohouse home.

Welcome Home









4 weeks

Conceptual Design Study

Conceptual Design Study Updates


Preliminary Delivery Assessment only

1000£  -  £2,500

£1500 - 2000/update


£300  -  £500/day*


6 to 12 weeks



8 weeks + approval time


4000£ - £5,000

£16,000 -  £18,000+


Project Specific*


    10% of home price

    35% of home price

Contract Payment

Fast Track — 6 weeks

Premium Track — 12 weeks


3rd Party Consultant Fees


    Authorization to Permit Payment

    Build Payment


8 weeks


            Delivery Payment



    50% of home price


4 to 12 weeks


           Final Payment



    5% of home price

Additional Services

Land Search

To find the perfect  homeplace is determinant first step. Our team can help you find the rightful place for the Eurohouse home you’d like to build, your local area and your budget.

Finance Partners

Obtaining your Construction Loan differs from a traditional mortgage. We're happy to put you in touch with any lender on our list and provide initial estimates based on our costs.

Eurohouse Plus

Hire a Eurohouse Homes Project Manager to help manage every aspect of the project, including all site contractors and consultants, from initial bid to final installation.

Start Conceptual Design

Your Eurohouse team will start with a site visit and viability research. After that we work with you to examine your budget and plans to create conceptual design, project estimate and schedule.


Life in a Eurohouse's Home

Thoughtful design, the latest technology and expert craftsmanship shape every detail that goes into building a Eurohouse Home.