Construction Kit Building

EUROHOUSE offers  the simplicity and flexibility of a self-build kit-house together with the most modern energy-efficient construction. Our company consists of panelized homesof quality pre-built interior and exterior walls and roof trusses that are framed quickly and accurately. Our portfolio of houses is the culmination of 18 years of award winning architecture from architects with over 20 years of expirience.


We are pleased to present to you now in Bulgaria already


1. Production of galvanized steel structure prefabricated building.

2. We provide you complete instructions for completion.

You left to finish.

1. Walls (coating of the walls with plasterboard, mineral wool insulation and plaster.

2. Roof (laying the OSB boards and bitumen tiles)

3. Windows (from local manufacturers of windows)

4. Flooring (tiles, parquet, etc.).

5. Wiring and plumbing

By building type: Construction Kit Buildings you save over 80% of the price that we offer for completion.


The material used is light galvanized steel that can be easily shipped and assembled. This high end material speeds up construction time 8 to 9 times in comparison with traditional site-built construction, resulting in lower labor costs and less material waste. The quality control and factory sealing ensure higher level of insulation than site-built homes, resulting in high energy efficiency.Thanks to a special modification, these materials can also be installed in areas that are exposed to moisture.Designed to be constructed on a cement slab, the house can be built very affordably. Frame it out now and finish it later. We guarantee 50 years of warranty on the framed construction.