People who have followed the development of Eurohouse since it founding know that this is already the eighth version of our corporate website. With each update, we try to add even more information so that our site is the most complete and we most open. We believe this is the way to help our customers to make their informed choice. Judge for them what we are better than others.

However, there are certain things that we could not say on the other pages which are filled mainly with dry facts and figures. Therefore, we believe that this section cannot replace the other, it can only supplement them.

So - Why Eurohouse?

Because of our quality - The Eurohouse homes have many advantages. High seismic resistance, durability, affordability, energy efficiency, short construction time. However, we believe that the biggest advantage of our houses is the uncompromising quality with which we build.

We can safely say that we gain a leadership position in the market especially with its high quality.


We remain unique in many ways. For the standard price, our customers get much more than what other builders can or want to provide to them. The examples are many - the type and the insulation of external walls, quality finishing materials, high-quality windows and doors.


But that's not all.

Every building which we have built incorporates itself numerous of engineering solutions. There are used diverse construction systems and materials. For all of them we have selected and we trusted and only the best and proven world manufacturers.


 Furthermore, the houses of Eurohouse are produced with a fully automated production lines, which excludes the chance of manufacturing error or defect. We have only professional machines, tools and measuring equipment supplied only by leading manufacturers, which ensures our precision and quality work.

We chose to defend our quality and we did it. We survived the crisis without the temptation to retreat from it at the expense of minor rebates. For we know that the crisis is temporary, and the house is for lifetime. We are grateful to our clients who share our vision.


Because of the experience - our experience in civil engineering and the design it was the basis on which we built Eurohouse.


Today, our experience is even greater, more housing constructed. We have created homes for many different people. We have performed many wishes fulfilled many dreams.

Nowadays our customers can see and touch what we have created. Everyone is welcome to visit our site under construction, or to see the section of the walls and the frames in one of our offices or at the sales representatives of the company. Only in this way, our customers can be assured that they trust builder tried to be besides them to successful completion of their new home.


 Because openness - I said above that we are most proud of our quality. But high quality must be maintained daily, it should not retreat even for a moment. Because of this, we chose the policy of maximum openness to the customer, which we support with stable commitments. Therefore, all customers who have chosen us enjoying special advantages, they are:


  • Construction contract with full specification invested in construction materials specified by type, manufacturer and trademark.
  • Construction contract with a fixed total price for the entire contract period, Uninflected regardless of external processes.
  • Construction contract to clear construction guarantees as to the completed building, and for the  individual construction works.
  • Method of payment in stages tied only with the course of construction.



But we do not stop there. All our clients have access to the full information before signing a contract with us - completely free of charge from one of our ready conceptual design for their new home until full clarification of all sides of the project.

That our approach allows us not only to win customers and good friends.





There's a reason why hundreds of owner builders have trusted in Eurohouse Kit Homes!



Great service and an amazing product. Thank you Imagine Kit Homes.


Steve & Any



You made our dream a reality and WOW, the price of the kit homes was WOW!!


Silvya & John



Just had to say a special thanks for all your support in your kit homes supply!


Ivv & Adam



Everyone loves our kit home, already planning a granny flat (Also a kit home).


Rohn & Anya




We really appreciate what you have done for us this year. We love kit homes!


Rick & Sonya



Just a few examples of over 3000 completed Homes & Buildings

Location: Commercial Warehouse - Tonga

Location:  Mining Camp - Indonesia

Location:  Group Housing - Texas, USA

Location: Bilisht Albania